Maya Memsaheb!

I can’t help but appreciate the attitude of Mayawati. Seven months after she quit the Chief Ministers post after losing 2012 elections to the Yadav family of Uttar Pradesh, she came out of her fortified bungalow as queen bee today to address a mammoth crowd.

The crowds that she had gathered don’t make headlines. Who can match her organisational skills or the details she goes into, from the sound system to the green carpet? As far as we know the BSP has six permanent stage, smooth and safe, ready to move. They just have to be fabricated. Second she has allotted districts to the two famous sound system guys.

It’s her style; it’s her attitude that actually impresses me.

Sample this: “I wanted to come to the venue by chopper( which is barely 10 or 15 Kms from her bungalow at Mall Avenue) to save my people from any inconvenience. But the state government did not give us permission to land near the venue. And I had to come by road.”

How sad! As she was saying this I was looking at the gathering wondering what exactly they thought about this. I am sure the committed cadre’s anger with the Yadavs (who have withdrawn the facilities they enjoyed for five years) grew. After all their behenji had to travel by road, must be seething with anger.

Kya baat hai! She perhaps was talking about her own inconvenience. She hardly used the road during her five year long stint when she used to monitor the progress of her favourite projects by chopper which used to fly quite low for her to observe the minute details. Once when a colleague of mine stopped over at one of the projects while she was up in the air reviewing the progress, the engineer grew so jittery that he told him to leave else behenji saw them conversing. A confused scribe had no option but to leave.

Then the roads were washed for all her travels by road, something public always appreciated. But they detested the wait, sometime over half an hour. Quite often the traffic used to get stopped in the rest of the city before her chopper had landed at Amausi airport.

On the serious note, it’s her political strength, her political acumen that one will have to appreciate. She hit out at Yadavs where it hurt them most. Law and order is a challenge and she reminded people their failure on the front.

Second she told her cadre not to remain wary of the backwards in their villages. “ Had Baba Ambedkar not given quota, they would have been taking out cows for grazing to agriculture fields. Read the inherent message- you are where you are because of the champions of Dalits.

Sometimes coincidences really amaze me. Today when she was schedule to announce her decision on support to UPA 11, the disproportionate case was listed in the apex court which had agreed to hear the review petition after it had given a clean chit to her in the DA case. Courts issued notices to CBI, the central government and to her.

It could be a coincidence that she decided to convene the meeting of the party’s national executive to take a final call on withdrawal of support.

The central government has its own ways of mustering support. She was out of their clutches after clean chit. Now she is once again in their net. But she is a gutsy woman.

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