Shameful Indeed!

Kudos to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for instantly cracking the whip. Without any loss of time, he suspended the IAS officer who had molested a girl on a running train. He even ignored the overwhelming support of the IAS officers’ peers who felt the suspension should have come after a probe. I wonder if they would have taken the same plea had an ordinary person molested a young girl on a running train.

What an irony! His colleagues from the elite Indian Administrative Services rushed to the Charbagh railway station in Lucknow to pressure the cops against lodging a complaint against Shashi Bhushan Lal Susheel, special secretary in the state’s technical education department. Caught in ‘my fraternity syndrome’, they forgot that they come from the country’s elite service which trains them to provide succour to people in distress. Here their own cadre guy was accused of rape bid.

Some brains worked. In his bid to cover up the repulsive act, the officer accused the victim of making casteist remarks against him as if she knew him and his caste. Here he is only attempting to turn the tables on the poor victim by levelling equally, rather more, serious charge against her that could even invite action under the all mighty SC/ST Act.

The country must rise and ensure justice is done as by now the victim’s family must have been pressured from various quarters to withdraw their complaint. Some of my male colleagues disagreed with the officer’s suspension without a probe.

But I strongly feel that he should be punished such that it would become a deterrent for those who came in his support. I demand so because higher the position, the higher should be the punishment. According to some, ‘molestation’ is not big enough a charge as they abashedly ask, ‘What could he have done in an AC II cabin?.’ I am sure the victim will be forced to go through the embarrassing rigmarole of unpalatable questions.

This is the male chauvinist voice as for them passing lewd comments is common, touching in a train hardly an offense to attract action .

For those who missed the news beamed on major channels, Shashi Bhushan Lal Susheel was arrested for allegedly molesting a girl on board an AC coach of a train at the Charbagh railway station in Lucknow on Monday morning. A probe is on. The fact that he tried to apologize, that he tried to escape from the scene and was finally found in a First AC coach raises doubts about his ‘I am innocent theory’.

I am sure the incident would soon acquire political overtones. He and his family had some connections with the Bahujan Samaj Party. But somehow I have a gut feeling that even Mayawati would not have spared him for his disgusting behaviour, quite unbecoming of an IAS officer.

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