Akhilesh Govt @ Cut and Paste

He, with his fresh looks, promised a change. People went bonkers over it as they were starving for change. And lo, his father’s 2003 team is back in toto.

The sad story of the new UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav doesn’t end at that. His council of ministers is loaded with his uncles and his father’s close buddies. They have seen him grow up from a cute infant to a young boy—now the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. And they have juicy tales to flaunt their relationship with the bachcha.

The public verdict in one word is ‘Disappointed.’ Many hard core Congress or BJP loyalists voted for him, lured by his promise of change. They are now cursing why they changed! To be ruled by a government of oldies. They had expected the right blend of new and the old.

Imagine the sports minister is touching 80, the jail minister is someone who spent a major part of his days in the opposition in the jails, the 80+ health minister has his own health to be taken care of——-. There are endless tales in circulation, many of them concocted, as students are increasingly going berserk after Jr Yadav announced restoration of student’s unions, the ministers celebrating their return to power with display of arms and the militant Yadavs out to settle scores with equally aggressive Dalits in the countryside.

While unpleasant news is pouring in from across the state, the new chief minister with his father on the driving seat is grappling with unwarranted situations. Not at all a good start for the party that plans to go national before 2014 general elections with a single agenda to make Mulayam the Prime Minister, not for the young aspiring leader whose future depends on his performance of Now.

How can he perform when he has to grapple with fiefdoms run by uncles? How can he perform when the disgruntled lot has other open routes?

But then there is a hopeful lot. They don’t want to short-circuit his honey moon period. Senior journalist Vinod Mehta said the other day on one of the television channels that a six-month period should be given to Akhilesh before initiating a post-mortem.

Despite the wrong actions, there is still some optimism in the air. He cleansed the party; he will clean the system in the government too. Solid rocks do take time to move and more so when they have been raised by his father.

Someone said his father will give the necessary push to break the power centres. When? The answer is, why not wait for some time.

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