Sex, Sleaze and Netas

This dates back to the 80’s. Late Vir Bahadur Singh was the Chief Minister of the state. I remember my first meeting with him. Singh looked uncomfortable, avoided eye contact throughout the interview. I came out wondering the cause for his discomfort – probing questions or a woman reporter.

Later he became friendly – even invited me over to his famous late night informal sessions from where we got the best of political scoops. No woman had to worry about her image, meeting him alone or in public, in the daytime or at night.

Same was the story with Mulayam Singh Yadav till he got exposed to Bollywood glamour in Amar Singh’s company. He married the second time and papers never wrote about it for the simple reason that he never allowed his personal life to interfere in his professional decisions.

This is where Kalyan Singh failed. No one objected to his ‘closeness’ to Kusum Rai till she issued diktats to officers. Sadly, she has dumped him too.

I remember Kalyan Singh giving me the first interview on Kusum Rai. On record, he justified his special relationship with Kusum, whose father was in the RSS, but off the record he listed out female friends of his detractors in the BJP to justify his closeness to Kusum.

Then UP’s tallest chief minister Narain Dutt Tiwari, currently facing a paternity test case in the court, somehow came to be known for all the bad reasons. It’s sad that today people don’t remember Tiwari for his vision, for his administrative mettle — something for which he has no one else but himself to blame. He could never keep away the unwanted ones.

UP’s political diary is full of sordid tales of sex and sleaze. But never ever the politicians were accused of raping and blackmailing women till former minister Amarmani Trupathi’s love for poetess Madhumita came into circulation. By now most of it has been written in books — Madhumita conceived his child, Singh’s wife got furious and one fine day Madhumita was found dead. Madhumita’s sister relentlessly fought for justice. Today, the Tripathi couple is cooling heels in jail.

It’s rather strange that new crop of politicians have preferred to silence their paramours forever. May be because there are more criminals in the garb of politicians today. Or is it just a coincidence that Shashi was found murdered after love letters exchanged between her and Faizabad MLA Anand Sen became public? Worst still these smart killers don’t even leave any evidence that could nail them.

So far we had heard of CDs, blackmailing, illicit relationship, murder, but the latest is the case of a rape against sacked BSP coordinator and MLA from Banda. As the girl stood by her charge despite the harassment, the BSP MLA tried to find an alibi in his impotency, something he must have hidden for so long. In any way, he needs to know the definition of the word ‘rape’ and his ‘impotency’ may not save him from the charge.

Political parties never get tired of bragging about their code of ethics. Perhaps, dignity of women never formed a part of it. It’s time Mayawati, Sushma Swaraj and Sonia Gandhi ponder over it. This is the worst one can expect when a woman is at the helm of affairs in three major political parties.

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