…and police targeted HT

There is one question that everyone is asking in Kanpur nowadays. What has made the city police so angry with the Hindustan Times that they went berserk, storming into its office, impounding vehicles and threatening reporting and other staff with dire consequences?

The paper was only demanding arrest of a rapist of a class VI student that happened within the school premises? Weren’t schools once described as temples of learning — a child’s playground too? And here a little girl gets raped.

The school authorities were so heartless that they even denied medical help to little Divya leading to her death. It’s height of negligence or complicity in crime?

The answer is by now known to all and sundry. The police were infuriated by an 18-day long HT campaign that not only exposed the loopholes in their investigations but also demanded justice for the child.

What an irony! We thought our campaign was only helping the police to offset pressures that may be pouring in to protect the ‘well-connected’ culprit, whosoever.

The police barged into our office on the busy GT road in Kanpur, impounded delivery vans, threatened staff with booking them on the charge of driving stolen vehicles. I wish they had displayed similar vigour in arresting the rapist than targeting those who were speaking the truth and demanding justice.

From the very beginning it was evident that the police were messing up with the investigations. The guy they first arrested is said to be falsely implicated in the case, (however, truth would be known after investigations are over), then they tried to pressure doctors to change the postmortem report, they even tried to prove that the child was already pregnant, in other words she was raped much before the ‘rape on the school premises.’

But HT along with the overwhelming public support threw spanner in all their vicious efforts. Frustrated, they attacked HT.

Sometimes I feel that power drunk people often forget that truth cannot be hidden for long. Gagging the press doesn’t help.

HT as a responsible media house did what it should have done in such cases. Even after the attack, HT is not going to divert its focus from Divya case. The campaign will continue till justice is delivered, the prospects of which have brightened up now that a committee of prominent citizens have initiated an independent probe.

Police, which messed up with the investigations, should now at least do their bit to deliver justice to Divya. Don’t forget, they also have daughters, sisters at home!

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