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Along with the appointment letter had come the advice, “ Covering UP can be risky.” But her over 25-years long journey through the Hindi heartland has been the most testing and thrilling experience. Whether chasing dacoits in the ravines, the Mafioso and their politics, the communal riots and caste clashes or the Ayodhya imbroglio, there has never been a dull moment. The journey continues after a short break at Mumbai.

This has become the theme for 2014 with people coming forward to bring light and smile in the lives of the underprivileged.

We, at Hindustan Times in Lucknow, were shown the way by the young scientists of CDRI, who celebrated their birthdays as well as every festival with the 100 odd physically and mentally challenged children residing at a home called Drishti.

They sang and danced with them, allowed the smaller ones to sit on their laps, held them in their arms. The happiness that we saw on the faces of these kids, many of them abandoned by their parents because of their disability, encouraged us to follow suit. Thereafter, we started our small exercise of collecting money to buy small gifts for them.


Sometimes, we hear people condemning others lack of commitment to society . But it isn’t really so — there are many among us wanting to do something for someone all the time.

This was our first-hand experience wherein the shops sold us woollens and radiator heaters at unexpectedly a low price — stationery and footballs in fact came for free. A bakery owner took cake and patties, while balloons came as bonus. Still better the owner and his wife were personally present.

Children were thrilled — not by the woollens or the heaters but the quality time that we spent with them. We played handball, patiently heard them sing or narrate their painful story. Our cell phones excited them most as they wanted to hold them in their hands and talk to the world. Even they have aspirations.

Believe me, what these children actually need are your time and touch more than the goodies. Nothing makes them happier than an hour you spend with them. And that’s where we are a bit miserly, busy as we are in our jobs or businesses.
Have a look at the picture to know the happiness that the said time and touch can bring in the lives of those who have no one to take care of them.

How about an hour from your busy schedule — it will make a difference that your millions won’t.

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