Human rights and emergence

Whither humanitarian intervention is the question that people like Jan Egeland, formerly of the United Nations and now with the nongovernmental organisation Human Rights Watch, ask. One understands the concern of an activist like him. The European Union and the United States began coming together on the idea of institutionalising the concept that when human rights were being violated in extremis (normally that meant massacring was taking place) then other nations had an obligation to intervene, militarily if necessary.

But today, with the Western nations in various forms of economic turmoil and the balance of international power shifting to emerging economies like China, India, Brazil and the like, this envisaged new humanitarian world order seems to be coming apart.

As Egeland explained during a recent meeting in New Delhi, the new human rights dilemma was the following:
The emerging powers and the human rights groups were in full agreement that too many interventions that were started by the West was undermining the legitimacy of humanitarian activity. “All emerging nation agree with us that too many international initiatives over human rights are coming from the West. But they don’t see the next natural step which is more predictable initiatives by non-Western countries,”
The result was that a vacuum was starting to form in international arena when human rights issues came up. One group felt too weak to talk sensibly. The other group felt it was best left to the West.

Why are emerging countries so ornery about humanitarian relief?
One theory is that the emerging nations, not dissimilar from a 19th European state, are far more worried about diluting the principle of non-intervention in a foreign country than they are in putting an end to some fearsome massacre. Definitely, India is extremely prickly about sovereignty and is very wary of authorizing external interventions into third countires.

Two, most emerging nations have severe capacity problems. There state structures are designed to just about handle domestic unrest and confrontation. The big time international stuff is generally seen as beyond the capacity of their government. That is slowly changing because these countries are augmenting their state systems, but this is a long road. But doing military interventions that would require some serious firepower and economic wherewithal.

Third, most emerging countries are quite happy to let the traditional crisis-saver, the United States, do the work. Even if enfeebled, the US is still a shoulder above all else so even if the intervention might be delayed or half-hearted, it’s still best to leave it to the experts.

Not merely HRW, but also other groups like the International Crisis Group and so on, many NGOs are particularly attracted to the idea of getting India to take up their banner, even if partially.

When New Delhi was waging dirty wars in the Northeast and Kashmir, its relations with human rights groups were terrible. Today, both these regions are experiencing a remarkable period of near-calm. India can afford to be more generous on its human rights policy as a consequence.

As an HRW official noted, in their organisation’s interactions with India today, the Indian officals are admirably honest about their system’s shortfailings and not above seeking advice on how to settle human rights issues inside India. But the application of this overseas is a different matter. Yet if India does become increasingly comfortable with the idea of human rights as a standard operating procedure, the likelihood of its embracing humanitarian intervention will increase.

But it could take a few decades in coming. In the meantime, the world will be stumble along with the future Bosnias and Rwandas that may come up.

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  • Ravi

    The Second UPA

    TURNING and turning in the charkha wheel
    The falcon has the dove in its sight;
    Things have come apart; the centre is losing hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon India,
    The communal hatred is loosed, and is everywhere
    The ceremony of intelligence is drowned;
    The seculars lack all conviction, while the fundos
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely the revelation is not heeded;
    Surely the Second UPA is now jaded.
    The Second UPA! Hardly are those words out
    When the image of an etherised PM
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in the streets of Delhi
    A shape with goofy teeth and a bhagwa choga,
    A gaze dazling and scorching as summer’s sun,
    Is showing its drag image, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the impatient dogs.
    The darkness covers again; but now I know
    That sixty years of controlled climb
    Have delivered India on the world stage
    And now the regional beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Patel Chowk to be born?

    With due apologies to WBY


    vijay ! Reply:

    @ Ravi
    Please read an article by Vir Sanghvi, ” We are NOT the same people…”
    Excellent stuff in which he dissects why India is different from you Pakistanis and unless you renounce, murder, terror and cheating, we shoudl not talk to you.
    Please remembet that to maintain blog digninity and dont convert this forum too into a Hindu bashing circus.
    Anyway welcome back from muridke
    Vir, you are right about all the presidents. It is always said that the President of inida ia Titular head. But it seems that with coalition government sat centre, Presidentt can be of extreme importance


  • ann

    India should not have a ‘president’. India is a parliamentary form of government not presidential. India is a poor country and cannot afford a ceremonial president and the expenses that go with this facade. Indian taxpayer should not be burdened with this additional nuisance.


  • Sumit Bose

    Thanks for the “honesty” in outling the special “qualities’ of the people who occupied the august office of the President of India, particularly under the dispensation of the Gandhi “vansh”. We have seen a happy-chappie “broom-sweeper” to our current president whose special “X” factor to occupy this post was her being an ex-cook *** dishwasher (conveniently omitted by you ). So we have witnessed a fantastic new low in our public polity in the last 5 years, an ex-maid is the “supreme-leader”, an ex-cook-cun-dishwasher is the President and the come-uppance is that we have an University drop-out moron as the “hope of the nation”; please tell me, Mr Vir ‘Dalal’ Sangvi can even, any African or tiny Carribean or Pacific Islander nation top this. I wonder how this nation is even able to exist as an entity, in this 21st century, with such ‘leaders’ of sterling qualities?
    Before I forget, there is something all ‘patriotic’ Indians have to celebrate, our beloved Italian ex-maid has been named by Business Insider , a couple of months ago, as the 4th richest politician in the world !


    Ravi Reply:

    Mr Bose.

    Lets’ have a comparison:

    1. If Sonia Gandhi is an “Ex Maid” then L .K. Advani has been unemployed all his life, this former CIA agent has never done a day’s real work through out his life. He is a no one who knows nothing.

    2. If Giani Zail Singh is a “Broom Sweeper “, then Mohan Bhagwat is someone who shoves his hand up Cow’s arse – which is a form of

    3. If Pratibha Patil is an “ex-cook-cun-dishwasher” then Nitin Gadkari is a murder suspect.

    4. If Vir Sanghvi is a “Dalal” then Tarun Vijay is an RSS pamphleteer, a PR professional , a propagandist who is masquerading as a journalist.


    Anonymous Reply:


    Your comparisons do not negate the fact about the qualifications Sumit listed.

    Also, why are you listing Advani, Nitin Gadkari etc in this comparison? Sumit did not mention them.

    Why then you wouldnt list dr Kalam, Nitin, Patnaik, Manohar,, dr Alexander etc who are according to all on the other side of the ledger – on the side of capabilities and qualifications


    Ravi Reply:


    Mr Bose is a honorable and a patriotic man. His dislike of the Indian Congress is so complete that he is able to revise the reputations of and attack Presidents of India in a public forum.

    So strong is his urge to score party political points that he feels compelled to twist small facts, take sayings out of context and make them into major contra-indicators for the position of the President.

    I have just shown him that his very effective technique (for which he seems to have received some training) can be used to glorify some other people of whom – I suspect – he is a devoted fan.

    Sumit Bose Reply:

    @”Ravi’ i know for certain the “dalal” that has used that name. I hold absolutely no brief for these personages you have named (L K Advani, Gadkari etc). I hold in equal contempt the people who drink out of blind faith cow’s urine or camels’ urine as a panacea for all “ills”. i am no fan of either the “rabidly fanatical Hindu” or the “pseudo-secular” morons. The ‘dalals” are a curse on our country, because they have sold their “ars#s” so that innocent Indians can be sodomized by this lot from the ‘Vansh” (proof: 4th wealthiest politician in the world). Want to know something interesting, Mrs Indira Gandhi, school drop-out, Rajiv Gandhi, could not clear his 1st year Engineering, even after 3 attempts, Sanjay Gandhi, less said the better, not much should be said about our beloved Italian ex-maid and then our “hope of the Nation” is a University drop-out from Harvard ( admission courtesy of Hinduja’s sponsor seat) after the 1st term, as he was told, he clearly does not belong there.
    Mr ‘Ravi Dalal” since when does truth become a “major contra-indicators” on “small facts” ?

    Ravi Reply:

    I have read and re-read your diatribe and failed to understand the point you are trying
    to make. Let me make is easy for you.

    1. Are you saying that Sonai Gandhi is the 4th Richest Woman in the world. I doubt that very much to the extant I have no hesitation to call you a liar. Please quote the reference number of the RSS briefing from which you are regurgitating this unsubstantiated rubbish. The 4th richest woman in the world is….Iris Fontbona – Iris Fontbona is the second wife of Andronico Luksica, a Chilean businessman and founder of Luksic group. After the death of Andronico Luksica in 2005 due to cancer, major shareholdings of the Luksic group that has diversified in many sectors including mining, financial, industrial and beverages, were legally awarded to Iris Fontbona & family, making their net worth equal to US$19.2 billion!

    2. Even if I was to accept that she was the 4th Richest woman in the world your accusation that she amassed this wealth by STEALING from our country is base less myth making, without any basis in truth.

    3. As far as educational achievements of various
    people are concerned not sure what your point is. Are you suggesting that only formally educated people should be allowed to become politicians and therefore achieve
    the high office of PM and the president? If that is your elitist point then I very strongly disagree with you. A nation that has very very high illiteracy rate will miss a lot of natural talent if the basic qualifications were graduate and above.

    Sumit Bose Reply:

    @”Ravi”, Please refer to the 1st point made and it is very clear that I have noted that Business Insider has named her as the “4th richest POLITICIAN in the world. you are deliberately logging a false cue and going ballistic over that , and feeling quite smug you have proved to your pay-maqsters you are a true “dalal” for them.
    She stands in august company after the Ruler of Saudi Arabia, Sultan of Brunei and Michael Bloomberg..
    Now tell me where else could this all come from, certainly not from her father, who was for many years a small time shop-keeper, but from the accumulation of 4 generations of having the hands on the till.
    Makes you wonder, why you have ben collecting peanuts? true..that is because you have sold yourself cheap.
    You are entitled to disagree about the “qualities” required for the high office, for you an ex-maid or ex-cook or a happy-chappie broom-sweeper is perfect, you continue to collect your peanuts. One with morals, ethics and ability would not require “dalals” as you, their work would speak loud and clear.

    Ravi Reply:

    Moti Lal Nehru was a Barrister in days when money in India was in short supply. J L Nehru went to Harrow, before Jan Snagh was born. You can not go there unless you have OLD money. So Mr Bose whose Dallal are you, for it is patently obvious even to Stevie Wonder that you are a Fundo and a Dalla yourself.

    You seem to be an ex-inmate of Deolali

    Ganesh Reply:

    Mr Ravi,

    Compliments on putting the spotlight on the very typical and now well known RSS game of back seat driving this great country’s politics.

    They are R S S – Rumour Spreading Society – and this title was given to them by none other than the right hand man of Advani today – Sharad Yadav- way back in the seventies.

    The middle class of this country – huge sections of it – loves to hate the Gandhi family.Yet they keep coming back to power.Why ? Because the middle class of this country is politically irrelevant.They do not contribute to any political discourse in a meaningful manner.

    They just work up rubbish like Sonia being an ex – maid etc ( a non issue when Supreme Court of India has already clearly spelt out legal position vis a vis her belonging to India – legally and constitutionally )

    In fact,she speaks Hindi ( when Jayalalitha does not even make an effort to learn ) she has spent the worst time of her life with her family and has faced all tragedies gracefully.

    She has been one of the finest BAHU s if that is a validation for so called Hindu sanskars.She has been a great mother apart from being a loving wife.

    She never reacts or hits back at these idiotic stupid falsehood based rantings of these middle class dumbos because they should be left where they deserve to be – rendered irrelevant and sent to trash bin.

    UPA II has been a tragic story of Congress behaving as a hurt housewife rather than a party that is supposed to show leadership.Opposition ( including the socalled Team Anna ) have got away with rumour mongering,astronomical figures which have no confirmed basis and mindless ranting only because THEY HAVE NOT BEEN COUNTERED.

    UPA II has not been such a disaster.Time has come to hit back with decisions,focussed leadership and visiblizing performance ( instead of behaving HURT or GUILTY ),

    UPA still remains the only relevant coalition.

    What bothers me is NAZI type thinking of these RSS apologists online.Either agree with them or run the risk of being called mad insane dalaal what not and what not.

    Can there be any better indication of a frustrated bunch of individuals who know while we may love or hate UPA II but there is indeed NO ALTERNATIVE right now.

    Instead of venting your diseased spleens on UPA II,my advice to these RSS rumour mongers is SET YOUR OWN RIGHT.That sure is one way to get back to power.

    Ravi Reply:

    100% agree with you.

  • TOM



    Ravi Reply:


    Did the President of India spend this money or is it the Madam who did??


  • Sridhar

    Well said ! I wish Cong faces the conclusion you brought the article to. It deserves to be there for the way the country and its resources are treated and mainly for the way PM’s job is reduced to by Sonia. The other day NDTV kept showing a scene where PM did not sit and he waited for Sonia to take seat and then he sat. Sonia was watching him with a look that almost showed what she was thinking….


    Ravi Reply:

    Isn’t that a common Courtesy.


  • Worldsmartestboy Winner Singh

    Its just a game, they all targeting to manmohan singh


  • Dr.Yogesh Sharma
    Sir you are very true and described beautifully the fall of this office. Dr.Karan Singh’s candidature was opposed because they disdained about dr.Singh’s deep faith and knowledge in and about Hinduism. Left can support any caste and religious fanatic but cannot support a faithful and learned Hindu.Now this office has fallen all time law. Although after Dr.S.Radhakrishnan the country is yet to see a person of high stature as president of India. Now a candidate must have unflinching loyalty to Nehru?Gandhi clan. Now one must be approved by Sonia/ Rahul team. Second, he must be a Muslin or from minority sect or must have approval from Islamic hardliners. Third he must be a die hard supporter of quota based caste system or should be from SC, ST, OBC, castes. And last and the most important the candidate must not have faith in Hindu Sanskars. Due to these reasons no body thinks about good and patriotic citizens as President of the country. Now great sons of this country like Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthy, T.N.Sheshan, Gen.V.K.Singh, K.P.S.Gill, Prakash Singh, Gopalswami, Anil Kakodkar, M.S.Swaminathan, Shreedharan, Anna Hazare, Gopal Krishan Gandhi, Shri Ravi Shankar Maharaj, Meera Sanyal, Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Indira Nui, Shobha De, Chetan Bhagat, Arun Shorie, Jagmohan, Homi Kapadia, Soli Soharabji, Harish Salve, Upendra Buxi, Krishna Murthy, M.J.Akbar, Amitab Bacchhan etc., are automatically and permanantly out of race and even consideration due to their high merit and unflinchinh patriotism. Merit, secularism and patriotism are become curse in this country. So this is the high and right time that president and VP must be elected by the people directly like USA so that the best may be elected,


    Ravi Reply:

    May I have an ounce of, what ever it is that you have a sniff of.

    This is so off the mark that had it been slightly more to the right, it would have left our galaxy.


    Dr.Yogesh Sharma Reply:

    Sir Ravi to morrow I will reply you with full detail.


    pankaj#1 Reply:

    Agree with you Dr. Sharma.


  • Ali Hyder Tabatabai

    I have combined the two write ups. This is a story that must be probed. DAN BROWN is writing a book on the BLUFF OF KARBALA. A war that never took place between 72 versus 26 lakhs or 72 v/s. 30,000-. Hz. Husain Ibn Ali, Governor of Kufa, was killed by a Zoroastrian (who had converted to Islam after the conquest of Iran), and a Shia-t-e-Ali in the Governor’s Palace. TABARI wrote the fictional novel “Qatl-e-Husayn” in 300 AD (240 yrs after Hz. Husayn’s murder). Tabari based his fictional work on quotes from Al Mikhnaf, a confirmed liar and a vaudeville artiste., a daastangohe., who expired 60 years before Tabari’s birth. Let us presume Tabari wrote the fictional work “Qatl-e-Husain” at age 30., it means that Abu Mikhnaf had died 90 years back.

    Muslims were united as a rock 200 years after the passing away of Prophet Muhammad.

    It is after 3 centuries – that Mazen Del Velmi – the Jew – started Maatam.

    It is from Tabari’s commentary that Salman Rushdie got his idea to write the “Satanic Verses”., because Tabari says., that while the Surah-e-Najam was being conveyed to the Prophet by Angel Gabriel., he felt some interference from Shaitaan !

    Please note what Ibn Khaldoun had said about the murder of Hz. Husain @ the Governor House in Kufah ! “Husayn ibn Ali was murdered by his grandfather’s [Prophet's] sword”. Was he murdered by some of his own groups ? was he murdered by some staff member of the Governor house ? Who was JOSHAN ?

    Selling Vinegar bottled as “Honey”.
    - Ali Haider Nazm Tabatabai, Hyderabad Deccan.

    Shia-ism is a revenge of the Iranians against Muslims for conquering Iran. Period.
    “Truth has arrived and falsehood vanished” – (Holy Quran)
    Fiction sold as truth or in other words Lies concocted :
    1. Hz. Omar taking fire to the home of Hz. Fatima, leading to her assault and abortion. It is a lie. Hz. Ali lived for 24 yrs under the caliphate of Hz. Abubakr, Omar and Othman and he did NOT take the revenge ? He tolerated his wife’s insult and assault ? Amazing from the Lion of God !
    2. Bagh-e-Fidak : Another lie. Hz. Fatima was not cheap enough to fight for a piece of land.
    3. Karbala : Fictional Novel written 3 centuries after the murder of Hz. Husain Ibn Ali. Novelist : Tabari Ibn Hormuz (Zoroastrian).
    4. Hz. Omar murdered by Abu Lulu, a Zoroastrian posing as Muslim (murder mastermind : Abdullah Ibn Saba, the Jew; with support of Iranian/Jew sleeper cells in Madina).
    4. Hz. Othman murdered by Abdullah ibn Saba and his son (they subsequently fled to Yemen).
    5. Hz. Ali served as Governor of Kufah, happily. After the murder of Hz. Othman by Saba`yees., he shifted the capital to Kufah (where he was already settled).
    6. There was no Jang-e-Jamal. The war between Hz. Ali and Hz. Aisha is a bluff and fiction.
    7. There was no Jang-e-Siffeen. The war between Hz. Ali and Hz. Muawiyya is a bluff and fiction.
    8. Hz. Ali was murdered by Ibn Muljam (a Zoroastrian) Mastermind : Zoroastrians and Jews of Iran.
    9. Hz. Hasan Ibn Ali served as Governor Kufah after Hz. Ali’s assasination. He left on health grounds (died of Tuberculosis) and settled in Madinah where he died a natural death. The story of poisoning by wife is another fake.
    10. Hz. Husain Ibn Ali was murdered in the Governor House at Kufah by Joshan Ibn Hormuzan, a Zoroastrian. (Mastermind : the same group of Elitist Zoroastrians, Jews and Sabayeen).
    11. Subsequently, the Zoroastrian Elite and Jews took revenge by inviting Mongols / Halaku Khan to invade Baghdad and destroy Baghdad.
    12. The first casualty was Literature. All literature was burnt. (Abu Muslim Khorasani/Jafar Barmaki & Co. got active; role played by Nasiruddin Tusi, Astronomer)
    13. New literature (Fiction) was produced and propogated. It is this literature that has reached down to us.
    14. Tabari, a zoroastrian wrote the Karbala Novel (purely fiction). It is based on quoting Al Mikhnaf, a liar (and a stage artiste – a Daastaangoh ) who died 60 years before Tabari was born. In other words if Tabari wrote the Karbala Fiction Novel at age 30, that means Al Mikhnaf (his source) had died 90 years ago !!
    SO, Shia-ism may be a religion (a mixture of Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Judaism with Arabic terms/names) by itself, but it is NOT Islam. It has got nothing to do with Islam. Shia-ism is a revenge against Islam. It is getting into Islam, taking Arabic names., and destroying Islam from “within”. Sabayeen succeeded in this endeavour.
    Vinegar is being marketed as Honey. This is now exposed. Those who find the above wrong, may kindly devote time and research for themselves. They will reach the truth if they persevere.
    GHADIR KHUM : Prophet had deputed Hz. Ali as his REPRESENTATIVE for purposes of TAX COLLECTION (Revenue). People of that area had not paid their taxes regularly. SO it was in THAT CONTEXT that he said, “Why did you not pay the taxes when Ali asked you for it (collection). I had sent Ali to do the job”. So that is the context. The trick is to make GHADIR KHUM the Last Speech (thereby diluting the Last Sermon delivered in Arafat). Ghadir Khum speech was fictionalised so as to compete with the Last Sermon at Arafat (that was made second last thru the trick, i.e.). Ghadir Khum is a bluff. It was uttered in that context. Prophet never gave an inclination that Hz. Ali was to be his successor. NEVER.
    2. People forget that Hazrat Ali had 2 sons named : Usman Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib, and Abubakr Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib
    Haqeeqat-e-Waqeya-e-Karbala – REAL STORY OF KARBALA
    With due respect to all Muslims let us stick to truth.
    Why ten days of mourning Muharram? It is well known fact that Shias started this custom of mourning Al-Husayn (maatam Husayn). Shia historian Justice Amir Ali (‘Mohammedan Law’ says, “founder and starter of Maatam-e- Husayn was Mazzal Dal Velmi a Shia in 352 A.H. (300 years after the incident)”. MAZZAL fixed 10 days of Muharram as permanent days for remembrance of the tragedy of Karbala. Shias today commemorate these 10 days of Muharram. Iraqi SABAAI narrators fabricated imaginary stories of cruel acts of horrific nature, like refusal of water and forced combats, which are not reliable and worthy of trust.
    This is fiction. Pure lies akin to truth. In particular details about the date and days. The caravan of Husayn made a very long journey over a difficult route in difficult circumstances, could never have made it in a matter of 20-22 days time and reach its destination (Mecca – Karbala). Fabricators of the story of his arrival on the 2nd of Muharram of 61 A.H. did this on purpose to fabricate fiction for 10 days, which flourish with cruelty, refusal of water, battles and forced combats. The average speed of a laden camel, which is moving in the line of a caravan under normal circumstances, is two and a half miles per hour. Now to cover a distance of about 950 miles (Mecca to Karbala) at the speed of two and a half miles per hour and daily traveling for twelve hours on average would take at least 30-31 days. Departure of Al-Husayn from Mecca was on the 10th of Dhul-Hajj 60 A.H. (Ibn-Kathir) wrote: Husayn with his family members and 60 Kufic companions departed from Mecca for Kufa and the date of his departure was 10th of Dhul-Hajj.´Therefore, it was impossible for him to arrive at Karbala on 2nd of Muharram. According to truthful narrators Husayn reached Karbala on 10th of Muharram 61 A.H., which is acceptable. Thus it is obvious that purpose of fabricated narrations was to enable the narrators to present happenings in the colors and in accordance with their fiction. Nothing has aspired in these ten days, all these incidents are just imaginary stories and lies, then why do we keep Majlis´ in these 10 days of Muharram?
    THE REAL STORY OF KARBALA : Husayn revolted against Yazid bin Muawiya and Kufis instigated him by supporting his idea. When Husain realized on his way near Kufa, that Kufis betrayed his cousin Muslim bin Aqil, he diverted the caravan towards Syria. On his way at Karbala, the Amir’s army halted him. Husain agreed to pledge to Yazid bin Muawiya.
    60 Kufis who had accompanied Husayn saw their fate at stake, now that Husayn had changed. When Army approached them for their weapons, THESE Kufis attacked, and during this attack, Al-Husayn was killed (martyred).
    This incident took place at Karbala when the caravan arrived on 10th Muharram and the fight was over in less than an hour. The claim of the Shias that Husayn was beheaded is a bluff. Husayn was buried with due honours and great respect and the Namaaz-e-Janaza was led by his son Ali bin Al-Husayn (Zeinul Abideen). So every thing was over in less that an hour ! Ibn Khaldoun has famously written : “Hussain was killed by the sword of his grandfather” (Prophet Muhammad!). What happened inside the Tent (Khayma) needs very deep research., esp. when the Zoroastrians destroyed all material along with the Tartars (Halaku and Changez). If Husain Ibn Ali was killed inside the tent.. some say after he agreed to give Bayah to Yazeed.. by the family of Muslim Bin Aqeel..).. A more reliable source says Husain, the Governor of Kufa was killed by a Zoroastrian Joshan Ibn Hormuzan., not in Karbala., but in Kufa.
    The story of denial of water – fight for 10 days – burning of tents – is purely fictional and a bluff. There is no river/lake around Karbala. There never was any lake/river near Karbala for the past 5000 years according to Geologists.
    (Matam : started by Maazal Dal Velmi 300 yrs after Husain!) – Syed Amir Ali, Judge Privy Council, and author of “Mohammedan Law”. The most prominent Shia Scholar !
    [Baquer Majlisi, Author “Bahar-ul-Anwaar” was a student of Mullah Sadra, wrote a tome of lies. Allama Razi wrote attributed his articles to Hazrat Ali ! What a bunch of liars they were. They insulted Hazrat Ali by using his name and building a maze of lies and insults around his family to destroy the mission of Prophet Muhammad]. Shia means to Kill Ali and His Family and friends., then start beating the chest laying blame on someone else (Old Jewish Trick). Khud to Dawaat Phodi – Naam Aur Kaa bataya ? Shia means to destroy the mission of Prophet Muhammad., conquer Kabah and place new idols therein.

    Shia-ism may be a religion, like Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism. That is fine and we respect the Shias for their religion. But Shia-ism has got nothing to do with islam. Shia-ism is a blend of Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity with Arabic names thrown in for effect and confusion.

    I challenge the Aghas of Iran and the Indian Continent to explain to me why the Book “Nabuwwa” is banned in Iran ? I want the Aghas to explain to me the work done by Abu Muslim Khorasani, Jafar Barmaki, Abdullah Ibn Saba, Nasiruddin Tusi etc. in the destruction of Baghdad, and in the destruction of the Muslim Solidarity. Explain to me the role of the above gentlemen and the work they did. But if you remain silent I will explain to you the dirty work they did.

    Shia wants to do the same thing as Jews. Undo Prophet Muhammad’s Islamic mission of Tawheed and replace it with new idols (new designs of Lat-Manat-Uzza, in the form of flags, Panjetan Palm, and other symbols).



  • executive chairs

    executive chairs…

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