RIP: Dead rape victim hopes for justice from politicians

Can the collective conscious of India wake up the Indian politicians from the slumber? is the big question that came to my mind after hearing the news of death of the Delhi rape victim on Saturday morning.

The emails of journalists were flooded with condolence messages from politicians cutting across parties. For the first time, leaders made a beeline to condole death of a commoner, who had stirred the nation with her die hard bravery.

Rather than sending these messages had the leaders of different political parties agreed to prolong the winter session of Parliament and make appropriate changes in women laws it would had been a better tribute to the braveheart who fought against the rapist and her tormentors.

It is not too to pay her real homage. The government should call a special session of Parliament in mid-January to make requisite changes in women related laws.

The change in laws has to start for crime committed against girls when they are in a womb —- foeticide. And, then during their upbringing, trauma they face every day on the streets of India and after marriage.

The entire colonial mindset evident in the Indian Penal Code against women needs to be junked and replaced with gender neutral phrases and severest of punishment. To me, phrases such as eve-teasing, outraging modesty of women and so on needs be defined as sexual assaults with varying punishments.

We need more women in police force and in law making bodies.

If the government can bring Constitutional amendment to reserve 50 % seats in local bodies for women and ensure that every social benefit is in the name of woman, why cannot it reserve 33 % seats as being demanded by women bodies in state legislative assemblies and Parliament.

Just because Lalus and Mulayams of Indian politics are against it and the government of the day does not have courage to go against their will. Or, the fact is the male centric Indian politics is hiding behind them and does not want their bastion to get diminished. It is happening when chairperson of the UPA is a respected woman Sonia Gandhi.

It is time Gandhi cracks her whip and makes the government get the reservation and other women safety laws passed in Parliament.

The responsibility to make India better place is not just of the government. Every person should raise a voice whenever he or she sees a woman being subjected to cruelty or discrimination. And, raise the voice forcefully as most Indians did when they heard about the brutal and horrendous rape on Delhi road about a fortnight ago.

That is the only way we can pay our deepest respect to the departed brave daughter of India. Or else, we would forget her martyrdom for the cause of women safety. I hope, she is watching our politicos from heaven and would curse them if they fail her and many other rape victims from across Indian again. Her hope for justice is from politicians now and not only the judicial system.

May her soul Rest In Peace till then!

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