Rajnitee ki match fixing

Two high profiling allegations of corruption in the last fortnight has exposed match fixing between political parties to keep people of this country in highest level of political bliss.

The man who broke this bliss Arvind Kejriwal of India Against Corruption has brought the unholy nexus in open very unlikely in the present day Indian political scene. As usual, Kejriwal had earned anger of both the political parties.

I don’t want to give any political gyan but show that the hyprocracy of Indian political part of which, we journalists, are conveniently part of.

Many of the exposes which Kejriwal had exposed did not come from out of the blue. In fact, many journalists knew about them, also had papers, but they, or their media organizations, did not dare to put them in public domain. Reasons could be many such as journalists not willing to anger their friends in political parties and editors not willing to take undue risk.

Many of the journalistic breaking exposes are for benefit of certain political party, such as one against Congress president in Himachal Pradesh, or against individuals who are dispensable for the political parties. The real corruption aided and abetted by political parties by joining hands is seldom exposed.

Kejriwal entered this explored territory and got support of many journalists, whose such stories, never saw day’s light for different reasons. If one does study of daily newspapers, the vernacular or Hindi newspapers are giving space to Kejriwal and his exposes and his diatribe than the English media.

And, some of my friends tell me that many documents which he has got were provided by journalists indicating the documents had high news value. Kejriwal pounced upon the opportunity and made best use of it hogging the media limelight.

In return, the political match-fixing in which the politicians had been indulging has been exposed to certain level. The fixing was apparent as nobody in BJP spoke against the Gandhi family including Rober Vadra, against whom Kejriwal leveled corruption allegations, and nobody in the Congress ever made fuss about top leadership in the BJP including party president Nitin Gadkari, who finds himself in a slut of allegations. Gadkari’s companies had benefited from his close ties with NCP leaders, who are in the Congress government in Maharashtra and the Centre.

So, what Kejriwal has done not what even so-called vibrant and free Indian media failed to do? Kudos to Arvind for the time-being.

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