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From once a green city Shimla, environment reporting happened because of accident rather than choice for Chetan in late 1990s when CNG vehicles were being introduced in Delhi. Since then, environment has brought him closer to nature and a probable reason for his hatred for madness in Delhi. He is senior assistant editor in Hindustan Times, the newspaper he joined in 2000.

India can conquer the world in the renewable energy space if the National Democratic Alliance government’s 175 Gegawatt target gets achieved. The five-fold increase in RE installation has been an amazingly hot tagline Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sold across the world in the last one month.

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Arvind Kejriwal is not like any conventional politician and has capability to upset applecart of his rivals through unorthodox ways. That was a reason for dip in his popularity during Lok Sabha polls but now that characteristic of his has turned out to be handy in the run up to Delhi assembly polls.

And it should be the biggest reason of concern for the BJP that is aspiring to form the next government in national capital and add another feather in its cap on long drawn electoral success since winning May 2014 polls.

Kejriwal’s only baggage is his 49 days in power in the Delhi government, unlike BJP’s political rivals in other states, which had been in power for several years. The BJP had a lot of ammunition against the Congress in these states but in Delhi there is not much to say against Kejriwal other than terming his “anarchist” or “misfit” for politics.

On the other hand, Kejriwal has lot of ammunition against the BJP which he had been firing against the saffron party through 60 odd rallies in the capital. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor has tried to strike a personal cord with people by visiting a large number of voters in the last six months, which none of his rivals can even think of.

“Mataji main aapsa estifa dena ka liya mafi magnta hain (Mother, I apologise for resigning from the government),” Kejriwal told an elderly woman in a Muslim dominated colony in a north Delhi colony recently, while asking for one more chance. The old lady was willing to forgive him.

That may not be a stray case and this unconventional way of campaign has caught attention even though the middle-class is yet to decisively come out in his favour.

The high vegetable prices in Delhi may swing a significant middle class votes in Kejriwal’s favour. And if that happen the BJP will have a thin chance to form the government in the capital.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be cautious of his fact as his attack against Kejriwal was not hyperbole like against Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha polls. He was extremely cautious in attacking the AAP leader apparently knowing well that the brutal attack against him can boomerang.

Kejriwal continues to be Robin Hood hero of the lower middle class and poor in the Delhi for tightening groove against corruption during 49-days of his party’s rule in the national capital.

Despite Delhi being under ruled by the BJP through proxy since Modi took charge as the Prime Minister, no change in the ground situation is visible in Delhi. The three municipal corporations under the BJP remain as inefficient as before and cash strapped despite the same party government at the Centre.

For people in Delhi there has been no perceptible change in governance under the BJP proxy rule and many believe that unconventional governance model of Kejriwal had delivered better results. The drubbing Kejriwal received in the Lok Sabha polls had made him wiser. He is not repeating the comments that got him television ratings but made him unpopular among people.

Kejriwal now appears politically wiser than before.

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Environment protection has slid to the lowest ebb in the 100 days of the Narendra Modi’s government. Clearing projects have become a norm rather than exception and there is scant even for the finest green and wildlife areas in the country. [Read more]

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The most vocal BJP leaders in the opposition have suddenly fallen silent. Thanks to them becoming ministers and a new reality — one way communication through social media — donning them. [Read more]

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This summer’s election presents two distinct scenarios. A BJP government either led by Narendra Modi or some other leader. Or, a non-BJP government backed by the Congress. The third option of the UPA returning to power at this point of time seems almost impossible. [Read more]

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