Anna Party!

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  • Sachidananda Patra

    BE AWARE OF ANNAS of India !


  • Anupam Mathur

    AnnaG Political Movement : “Aab Kuch Toofani Karte Hain” seems to be the new buzz name for AnnaG and Team. Irrespective of religion we follow we are humans first who face this daemon called corruption growing day n night feeding on humanity. Corruption is One Single epicenter which gives rise to plethora of varied challenges and social stigmas in human society. In these fast changing times, no one can say for sure that an anti-corruption next steps are futile as we all agree that it has at least stirred and awaken the nation of not shaken in . As last week movement was a politically critical and may have attracted all-out effort to ensure low turnout in Anna g’s movement. There was power failure, chaos and fear in north India and public transportation was paralyzed hindering like-minded people to join the movement. Modern day Gandhi has a new face and new strategies to curb Demon named Corruption spreading its fangs in modern society. … Feeling created by Anna’s movement is stronger in hearts of True Indians as they are silent and facts oriented and non-violent. For the Head of the Nation whole country is his family; Subjects are relatives and works towards ending everybody’s sorrow and spreading happiness; which is rarely seen in these times. Go! Annaji Go! Show your jalwa. All true Indians are with you to power your efforts for a strong Lokpal and Happier Aam aadmi.