Indian Priceless League!

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  • Nobody Soembody

    Good one…


    anjmb Reply:



  • pankaj#1

    Congress can still get my/ our support, if it is transformed from a criminal party to real national party.Fake secularism, Fake Garibi hatao movements, compromising with divisive parties, just for power, and a huge load of hangers on are to be pruned. come out as a real combatative, pro india party and lakhs and lakhs will support it again.


  • @aquil_q

    This should b encouraged to Indian women who are going through very cruel male dominated society , they should be trained for combat in my opinion. Women are doing equally good jobs in every field , bearing a child & brooding besides multitasks she can perform! Open your eyes and see what your mother did for you & what she is capable of doing if she makes her mind ! Don’t underestimate the power of determined woman !


    Anonymous Reply:

    Aquil Sir :
    No matter how sophisticated we call ourselves, the truth is that with transforming technologies, swanking skyscrapers and luxurious hotels signifying modern lifestyle, male chauvinism hasn’t witnessed a slip even by a percent.

    I wonder how the writer has tried her level best to explore the power of women beyond our imagination which gets limited to the achievements of either Kalpana Chawla or Sunita Williams.

    Well, I am glad to be in the sector where there’s no trace of male chauvinism at all, where women are to be attended first over males, where they are supposed to be served first as per the standards, where women are entitled to various benefits to which men are not, where a GM of a five star property gets down on his knees to assist a woman!

    That’s the spirit of hospitality! Mindset is totally different here!


  • Anonymous

    A nice piece! Our society can eulogise women as Durga, Jhansi ki Rani,etc.but still want to see the women within the four walls not ready to see them flying freely as per their own will. Only few are fortunate to do or think in their own way.