Caricature of the week: The Lankan President!

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  • Manpreet Singh

    There was a suggestion on Twitter long ago. I forgot the name of the person, but here it is (paraphrased):

    Instead of boycotting the Olympics, Indians should turn up at the Olympics, win medals, and refuse to accept them.

    Succinct and effective.


  • Bangman

    This pathetic **** who calls himself Iyer or watever his mother told him must be shamed first. Pathetic **** or **** brit as you may be, Indians are going to crush you very soon. Get out of commenting from here you worthless piece of shite.


  • guest

    Who cares for Indian. They are bunch of arrogant, just like Vir. A country where 60% of population deficate outside in the open, where 42% of the children are malnourished, where almost all politicians are corrupt, where 250 women dies during pregannacy of every 100 000 birth, where 80% live with income less than 80 Rs a day, who will take it seriously. Grow up India.


  • Guest

    Maybe Vir can get his pal Niira Radia to run the Shame campaign. They certainly have enough practice!


  • ManmohanSingh

    ahem – why not collect 7 million pounds from each major donor and give it to the Bhopal victims? that would certainly help them. shaming Dow may or may not do anything.


  • AnilRprla

    Pakis cares where we are headed!!!


  • Surinder Sharma

    By any paranoid assessment inheritors of legacy of Rajiv Gandhi & Arjun Singh who were directly connected to escape of Union Carbide chief from dragnet of Indian laws can be assigned the responsibility to be held responsible for the misdeed of their predecessors.
    Similarly now even ex chief Union Carbide is squarely & specifically responsible for all liabilities after Bhopal gas leak tragedy & not at all DOW which is being dragged to divert attention from Rajiv Gandhi & Arjun Singh.


  • R,K,Malhotra

    Yes India must stand up ,if it can. But we need a strong and straight spine for that.