Your verdict on the car we would rather not have had in 2013

All the major car of the year awards for the year that has gone by have been divided between the Ford EcoSport and Grand i10. But who gets the coveted title of being the worst to hit the roads.

Between the four nominations for that title, it has been a sort of a photo finish this year. But lets start from the bottom. The candidate that is most undeserving of this crown is the Volkswagen Cross Polo. It received just 8 vote and though I put that name up among nominees, I would have myself been disappointed had it not been the fourth in the list.

Next in the line is the Mahindra Verito Vibe. Some existing owners of the car actually wrote stinkers for the blog post. Overall it received 22 votes and though I remain unconvinced about its strengths, perhaps it is not as bad as I had initially thought.

The top two obviously are the Chevrolet Enjoy and Maruti StingRay. And the Chevy beats the Maruti to the pole position by a margin of just 9 votes. There is little room to defend a vehicle like Enjoy. It is boxy, dated and lacks the quality levels one expects from a company like General Motors.

Like I had wished the last time, I sincerely hope there will not be a need for a blog like this in the new year. For now, congratulations to Chevy for making a car that benefits nobody in India. Not even themselves.

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