First look at Hyundai Grand i10

The sheets are off and finally we know the Hyundai BA, is actually the Hyundai GRAND i10, the next generation version of the existing i10. The grand in CAPS is pun intended.

That does not quite mean that the car is a subject that puns are based on. On the contrary, it is quite competent.

Hyundai Grand: front

Hyundai Grand i10: front

You : Exaggeration?

Me : Why?

You : Coz you are a Hyundai owner?

Me : Blah. To the two of you who habitually read what i write (probably coz its saved as a bookmark by mistake) here is my riposte.

Me : The car has rear AC vents.

You would say. So what? Even the Tata Aria has it.

My response : Its a small car? Thats a big deal.

You would or should say : Big deal, I dont sit at the back and very rarely does anybody in a small car.

Me : Okie. It has internal memory on the audio system.

You : What does that mean?

Me : That you dont need a USB stick or a CD for your favourite songs to play on the car audio system.

You : I hardly spend any time in my car. How do I care?

Me : Really. The traffic jams are only getting longer and the time you are spending in your car could soon compete with the time you spend sleeping…..or in 5 years from now, sleeping with your boss.

You : Thats cheap. Just like the car you are propagating.

Me : Propagating? Really? Just because I said no to a Ta-Ta car 11 years back and there was no Swift in view. And cheap? This car will be Rs 5 lakh plus.

You : Wow. Then it must be good.

Me : There you go. Why did you not buy the Fabia then. Or the Xylo for that matter. Even Mahindras believed they were worth that much.


Okie. Enough of this tomfoolery. What is the car really about? It is between the i10 and the i20. And really looks the part. Imaginitaion in design is a dead duck folks. In reality it is a i10 replacement worldover that is being brandished as a GRAND i10 in India. Hence the Caps.

Hyundai Grand i10: front-top

Hyundai Grand i10: front-top

What about the interiors? Yes. It has rear AC vents. And they do blow cold air. So it is nice. And we expected that from Hyundai.

It also gets internal memory in the music system. You will still need a USB stick to get the songs in. But nevermind. Nice touch.

It gets rear parking sensors. Appreciate it. It is very handy even though its a small car. The roads arent getting any wider and the new kids and aunties on the block have no sense of dimension. Seriously. All puns intended. I dont know why the Japanese (Maruti, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, had to take names, there are so many of them) dont get it.

Hyundai Grand i10: rear

Hyundai Grand i10: rear

Space. It has more than the Swift. And its a lot less claustrophobic . And despite the puny 1.1 litre diesel engine, it is not that bad. Enough to give that Swift a run for its money? Who said its Swift’s money?

Handling? Volkswagen or Skoda need not be bothered. Hyundai did not let me on the curves which means they may be under-confident. It still fared better than the bigger, dearer i20. Grand i20 should be a Ferrari killer then?

Why does Hyundai need to have a GRAND for, an i10 still seems capable? See the table. i10 has not touched 10,000 unit sales mark since March 2012. I No, its not the Eon thats killing it. Not the i20 either. The others. It has been beaten fair and square by a Santro-generation Wagon R. Hyundai has only finally woken up.

For the rest… price, specification, fuel economy, resale value (even before the car is launched), keep reading. The two of you.

Sales figures of Hyundai i10

Sales figures of Hyundai i10

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