All about the New Swift

Ever since its launch in the summer of 2005, Swift in India has been a revelation and a revolution at the same time. As it gets set for its second inning donning a new avatar next week on August 17, here is how it looks and some information of the changes made by Maruti over the older version.

Exteriors :
From afar, its difficult to make out if it is a different car. It still has similar head and tail lamps, and similar dimensions (though overall length has gone up by 90mm). The changes are visible only to a concentrated eye. Here are a few of them :


Are clearer and bigger now. It also stretches back to make the car look much bigger than it actually is. It is a design philosophy we first encountered in the Hyundai i20 and for sure the new Swift will look to punch above its weight and try to put a dent to the i20 success story.

Tail lamps

Also get a dose of clarity with a small strip of clear lamps in between. It also stretches further in at the sides to the extent that the gap between the rear door and the tail light is reduced substantially.

The boot lid

This car is built on a quasi new platform, so the package is new. The door of the hatch is now smaller and the main frame of the car at the back has gone up. This makes the car sturdier than before but it will also hamper ease of loading and unloading.

The grille

The honeycomb mesh has been dumped for a more modern looking Kizashi-style grille. Does not make the car look any different to me in my view.

The alloys

Ah, one of the best standard alloys on offer in a small car. The ten spoked alloy wheels enhance the sportiness of the car and goes perfectly with the overall look of the car. The tyres are also bigger, 15″ inplace of the 14″ of the old. A super addition.

Basic structure

Remains the same which is a good thing. Considering that Swift was such a radical design in the first place, it would have been a problem improving upon it. And knowing Suzuki, another Estilo type fiasco could not have been ruled out. The car retains all the ingredients of the older version with a few additions without damaging its stellar brand equity. It still remains very Swifty.

Interiors :
Gets the maximum changes.

Dashboard and instrument panel

Is completely re-laid. The quality of plastic is better, so is the overall fit and finish. The steering wheel is chunky and solid. The integrated music system, available only in top end variants, is decent. Welcome addition includes a retractable cup/bottle holder in front of the AC vents on the co passenger side aka the Jazz. Notable omissions include push start option and chiller in the glovebox.

Rear leg room 

Gets a definite leg up. The wheelbase is longer by 40mm which has enhanced the rear leg room by a good 20mm. The front seats also borrow the scooped back from the Alto K10 which basically gives more knee room to the rear passengers. Surely the one grouse of the rear passengers feeling cramped has been addressed.

Boot space

The only area where the new car misses out. If the high loading position was not enough, the boot space is also marginally less than before whereas the need was for more. There is no provision for 60:40 split seats as well so it is a grey area.


The diesel engine remains the same 1.3 litre multijet DDiS but the petrol 1.2 litre K series gets variable valve timing. This increases the overall power output of the car by 2 bhp bringing it back to the older level (when it had the now discontinued 1.3 litre petrol engine) of 87 bhp. The car is also lighter, so with a more powerful engine it also boasts of 6% higher fuel economy at over 18 kmpl (ARAI).

Other changes

A fibre fuel tank. The new car is lighter by 30 kg.

New anti lock braking system that is linked to an engine drag control module. Basically the braking is even more precise and effective especially on wet surfaces.

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  • Sahil Chawla

    I have already booked 2 swifts Z Di for my family and we are planning to book 1 more after reading all these specifications. soooooooooooooooooo eagerly waiting for 17th to come and i can have a actual experience of the car.


  • vivek

    After eagerly waiting for new swift, Yesterday I visited Maruti showroom to have a look at new Maruti swift.
    Surprised that causally looking car doesn’t look any different from old one. Only when you
    specially look for changes in it, you find that backside has changed and it look slightly bigger than old swift overall.
    Then I had a look inside and to my surprise with all this hype, I didn’t feel any significant improvements in interiors. I thought it is lower version but found out that it was VDI :(
    There was new silver trims done in interiors and steering but feels like somebody has just pasted it there to make it colorful and look bit cheap. I personally don’t feel interior has improved from last swift, I will put them at same level. On the back seat leg space has improved from earlier but don’t expect much.
    Then I had a look at boot space and its less than old swift and it was disappointing for me that even after increasing length by 90 mm, only little addition as useful space in the car. Where is that 90 mm length increase has gone???
    Also I have come to know that Diesel performance in mid range has been reduced significantly in order to get 6% increase in mileage. User could have get it done from mechanic themselves. I don’t see it as refinement if you trade performance for mileage.
    Maruti has just improved ***-bit in this car and creating big hype of overall make over. Do not expect too much from this as this will disappointment you for sure.
    I had booked VDI just 2 days after the booking started for new swift but now I am a bit confused about this buy.
    I suggest you guys to have a look and test drive before going forward with this.


  • Sadhna Nagi

    This is really great. You have categorised all the specifications of the new swift which actually makes it a lot scannable.Though I would also like to add the price range of this new Swift.The price ranges from Rs 4.22 lakh to Rs 6.38 lakh and proves to be a good deal for everyone.:)


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    swift is very nice car.i love swift


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  • ParminderS

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    They did not.
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    Let the book come out and see whether there are going to be any denials, may be they will keep mum.


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