Where in the world is Lalit Modi?

If you were embroiled in a controversy that forced one minister to resign, cost a major company to have a multi-million dollar contract to be cancelled, and tarnished your own reputation almost beyond redemption, where would you be? If the very position of power within an organisation that allowed you to rise to the pinnacle in your profession was taken away from you, unfairly you suggest, what would you be doing?

Lalit Modi, who finds himself in that position and worse, is holidaying in Europe, on a yacht somewhere off the coast of Sardinia in Italy.

Modi has shouted from the rooftops that those in power in the Board of Control for Cricket in India are out to get him. He has consistently alleged that certain people are maligning him and thrusting false charges on him.

Modi has a team of high-profile, and occasionally very voluble, lawyers doing what they can to take his case forward.

And Modi is on a yacht a world away?

Does this make any sense to you?

It certainly doesn’t to the media, who have been doing their best to bring some clarity to what are decidedly murky proceedings. To start with, sports reporters aren’t the best equipped to deal with courtroom dramas or pore through contracts to discover financial misdeeds. After all, you typically take to writing about the sport because you like the shape of David Gower’s cover-drive or the snap of John McEnroe’s volley. But, in the recent past, cricket in India has been so closely intertwined with business and politics that sports reporters have been forced to multi-task.

Each time a hearing involving Modi is announced, hordes of journalists, from print and television, are forced to camp outside the venue. Some of my friends and colleagues spend days on end trying to find out the story behind the story, to get to the heart of the matter.

And where is Mr Modi?

On a yacht in Sardinia.

If that’s the punishment for dire financial crimes and serious impropriety, it’s a wonder so many people are honest.

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  • Bindumadhaviwork

    Nice article.I liked the concept of electric cars.It would be nice if implemented


  • Madhavivinaykumar

    Very interesting topic indeed. Thanks to the author for explaining the facts so lucidly. Looking forward to seek more of your fantastic post.


  • ssg

    Nice article.
    No one is saying Mamata has the license to do for 34 years what the Left front did for the same time. The title makes it clear. Mamata deserves a longer rope. At least 5 years, if not 10. She has inherited a mess, and has no real experience in Governance.


  • Amarjitmishra

    Just because no one had voiced against CPM misdeeds does not give automatic rights to Ms Banerjee for her misadventures. One need not wait for a full term to judge one’s ability as it is the thought or plan that is awaited from her which will sow the hope of so called pariborton she promised. She still does not have a plan only a wish for potibortan.


  • Suresh BV Bharadwaj

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