Tweet, tweet, it’s me, Warnie

“Morning everyone… ripping day here in Melbourne … beautiful … good luck to pup and Ozzie boys tonight. I’m off to watch football, go saints.”

That’s the sort of message you wake up to if you follow Shane Warne on Twitter, which is fast becoming the best way to stay in touch with what your sporting heroes are up to. It’s not clear whether Pup (as Michael Clarke is called) got the message in time, but certainly cricket fans who follow Warne got their fix.

Around the world cricketers, including the likes of Chris Gayle and Graeme Swann, have been bitten by the Twitter bug, and constantly post little updates on their lives on and off the field.

Understandably, India’s players are a bit more wary about getting on the bandwagon. While some plead that they just don’t have the time, others say they aren’t interested in new technology. This, however, hasn’t stopped impostors from making merry, pretending variously to be Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Yuvraj Singh.

Several Indian players are active on Facebook, and here again the fakes comfortably outnumber the originals.

As is often the case, though, Lalit Modi is leading the charge. The best way to get real-time news – from team announcements to venue changes to new media deals – on the IPL is Modi’s Twitter feed. What’s more, his is one of those rare “Verified Accounts.” This means the Twitter team has actually gone through a process to check that the person posting from the handle LalitKModi is the genuine article.

How long before India’s players follow suit? I’m guessing the initiative will be taken by one of the IPL teams, and don’t be too surprised if it’s the Rajasthan Royals. What better way to build community?

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